The Blennerhassett Bicycle Club is made up of riders of all skill levels.  We have a regular F-Troop Ride on Tuesday nights at 6pm from April through October.  Click  HERE for ride dates and schedules
We have a  Fast Rider group that rides on Tuesdays also at 6pm and Thursdays also.
Saturdays and Sundays are often ride days just arranged  by someone  posting on our Facebook page 

Club Dues are paid annually, but you are welcome to ride with us a couple of times first if you're not sure you want to join. However, we ask that you join if you wish to continue riding with us due to insurance issues and to support our club.  
Our application is located at the bottom of this page in a PDF document to download.
Online payments can be made through paypal with the link below

Our Club meetings are held at the North End Tavern on the First Thursday of every month, social time at 7pm and meeting at 7:30pm.
New Riders

We welcome all riders, new and experienced.  However, if you are just getting back in the saddle so to speak,  let us know and  we'll be happy to ride with you and get your acclimated to gearing on hills and longer riding periods so you can soon ride with us on the other rides.  We normally start beginners with shorter flatter rides.   Our average F-troop ride is approximately 15-22 miles with an average speed between 10-12 mph.  This may be intimidating for those just getting back in the saddle and we understand that completely!

Everyone  had to start somewhere - let's get  you started!!

Please feel free to contact any of our FaceBook members by posting on our FB site if you're interested in riding, or shoot us an email at

Club Dues

Blennerhassett Bicycle Club Member Application

Complete and Mail  to:
 Blennerhassett Bicycle Club
PO Box 2262
Parkersburg, WV 26102


email to: