A Little History on Blennerhassett Bicycle Club

First formed in 1889, the main purpose of the Blennerhassett Bicycle Club was to bring people together to enjoy cycling. However, in the late 1800's, the bicycle (along with the horse and buggy) was also a primary mode of transportation, since the automobile had not yet been invented. When the club was originally founded, women were not allowed to become members. Obviously, that changed several years ago.

The Blennerhassett Bicycle Club was active from its beginning in 1889 until the mid-1900's, when the popularity declined. Then in 1990, a group of local cycling enthusiasts wanted to revive the old club. The community response was overwhelming, and the Blennerhassett Bicycle Club was once again a thriving organization with the same purpose of "bringing people together to enjoy cycling." The club currently has approximately 150 members, which include men, women, and children of all ages and abilities. Several rides are held every week from April through October, including road rides as well as easy trail rides.
The Blennerhassett Bicycle Club promotes cycling education, legislation, public service, and group fun!