Rides 25 miles or more

Klinger's Dome

Little Hocking / Stewart Loop

Highland to Macksburg

A hilly 34.1 mile ride:

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A 46.7 mile ride with some good hills

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Shorter Route Map  (41.4 miles) located here

Longer Route Map(46.7 miles)  located here

Highland To Macksburg

A 35 or 38 mile starting at Broughton Wildlife Park.

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Federal Hocking School to Amesville

A nice 24.5 mile ride - some hills, pretty scenery.

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or this can be a 40 mile ride by starting at the boat launch by Little Hocking Bridge.
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Great Routes to Get Started!

Athens Adena Trail

Little Kanawha River Rd.

Marietta River Trail

Located in Athens just off the first exit is a great little 'park-n-ride' for bikes or you can park at the community center or behind the CVS on Main st.  This route is as long as 42 miles if you want to go to Nelsonville and Back but if you only want to do 10 miles go out and turn around. Trail miles are marked. 
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This is a very flat trail, blacktopped and easy ride for beginners, good for anyone really - pick your own speed and style to ride.
This road has some traffic, not a lot and is rough in a few spots but is mostly flat and will get you used to riding with cars passing you.

About 4 miles total out and back if you turn on Ripple Road till it dead ends.

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This is a 7 mile round trip trail, a few small waves in the road but nothing difficult.  Start at either the Kmart parking lot (trail is off of next street down from KMart, or start at Indian Acres Park near the Aquatic Center.

Boaz River Road

Muskingum River Roaod from Devol Dam

Mentor Contacts for new riders coming soon!

In the meantime - please contact us if you'd like to ride with someone while you're starting back on two wheels!
This would be approximately 3.5 miles to ride from Sandhill United Methodist Church to Route 14 and back to county rd 21 and back to the church.  Little to no Traffic  and fairly flat.

Map located here
This is a fairly flat ride, some rolling hills with only one more difficult hill coming back to your vehicle.   Ride to Lowell Bridge and back is about 14 miles. 

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