Scheduled Rides
Ride Classification:

Average Pace for Rides:

A     Class:   Competitive 20+ Avg mph
B+  Class:   Training - 18-20 Avg mph
B    Class:   Fast  15-18 Avg mph
C    Class:   Experienced  12-15 Avg mph
D   Class:   Casual 11-13 Avg mph over 25 

F-Troop is a  social ride 11-13 Avg mph no 
          more  than 20 miles

Scheduled Rides
Tuesday Evening Rides - Begin In April

*Rain Date for rides is Thursday of the same week*

Independent & weekend rides are listed on our Facebook Page

*Ride times will change in October as days get shorter*

Rides starting from Marietta Armory or near the Armory

Muskingum River Road, Marietta, OH
Start at Devol Dam on Muskingum River Road off of County Rd 4. (15 mile ride from Dam)

Google Map of 15 mile Ride located here

Ride with GPS to Cat's Creek 20 miles here

Same ride starting from Armory 25.8 miles
Ride with GPS  here

 Highland Ridge Road, Marietta Ohio (18 miles)
Meet at Broughton's Wildlife Park off of 821
18 miles from Broughton's start
Ride with GPS 18 mile ride Ride located here
21.4 miles to Lower Salem
Ride wtih GPS map here

Muskingum River Rd to Lowell and back Rt 60
Start at Armory.
23.2 miles
7.2% grade/902 Elevation

Ride with GPS here

Short Devol Loop
tart at the Armory in Marietta on Front St.
17.3 miles 393 elev

Ride with GPS Map located here
Cole Coffman, Oh-550
Starting at the Armory - 18.0 miles
+11.3% Grade /1084 elevation

 Ride with GPS here

Huck Road and Lowell Hill Road

tart at Armory 24.6 miles
1217 Elev/+7.4% Grade

Ride with GPS located here

Rides originating from other parts of Marietta, Ohio

County Road 9, Marietta Ohio Options



Begin at River City Tires in Marietta, Ohio off of Pike St.
Google Map of Ride located here
GPS Route 18.2 miles Zion Ridge Loop here
GPS Route 28.8 miles Zion Ridge, OH-26, Mail pouch barn and back here





Rides starting from Little Hocking area of Ohio

 County Road 144 - Coolville, Ohio
Meet at Coolville  Boat Launch parking lot, follow route 144 to Federal Hocking School and back.

Google Ride Map located here

 County Road 124 Little Hocking Ohio. (21 mile ride)
Meet at Park & Ride on corner of Newbury Rd and Rt 50. 
Google ride  map here

Rides originating in Parkersburg or Williamstown  or Mineral Wells area

Waverly Rd, Williamstown, WV (Lollipop loop - 18.8 miles)
Meet at Williamstown City Park Ride same route as F-Troop until end of Waverly road.  Several options at that point to be determined by riders.

Map of Ride located here
  Old Route 21 in Mineral Wells
Meet at Taco Bell in Mineral Wells. out route 21 and up Limestone Hill then back.

Map located here
Old Saint Mary's Pike. (approximately 22miles)

Meet at Worthington Elementary School on 36th St.  Turn off OSP on Laurel Ridge loop back via Red Hill Rd to OSP

Map located here